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 Clydesdale Horse Society

The Clydesdale Horse Society was initiated on the eve of the Glasgow Stallion Show on the last Tuesday of February 1877. The Society was formally launched in June 1877.

The first, or retrospective volume of the Clydesdale Stud Book, was published the following December when the breed was already a century and a half old.

Worldwide, there are over 700 members of the Clydesdale Horse Society.

The majority of the members living within the UK and Ireland.

Most of the members are Clydesdale Horse breeders.

The Society maintains an Executive Committee of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.

This Committee heads up a Council of 49 members with 3 Council members from 15 areas. Ireland is represented by 2 areas, Northern Ireland and the Republic, with 3 Council members from each of the two areas.

The Society employs a Secretary who oversees the day to day administration of the Society.

This includes liaising with the members and non-members, organising the various events run by the Society and compiling the Annual Stud Book.

Finding a Clydesdale

A selection of Clydesdales for sale can often be found in the advertising section on the Clydesdale Horse Society's website. The Secretary can also put you in touch with a broad selection of owners and breeders who can help you and at a price to suit your budget. The Secretary also knows those breeders who have cross bred Clydesdales available if you want something that is not a real 'heavyweight'.

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