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 Raynards Viewpoint

I am now very worried - they are at it again - like a terrier after a rat!

They are going to attempt to push through Parliament 'their pet' Anti-Hunting Bill. I suppose, one can sympathise - after all their term in office has been an unmitigated disaster - more vandalism on the streets - drug peddlers and addicts, alcoholism and ever increasing unlawful handguns, undermanned police with their hands tied behind their backs because of human rights, animal rights, civil rights and children's rights to mention a few, with the result that crime in all it's forms is an every day occurrence.


The NHS is in a shambles through the United Kingdom.


To crown it all the United Kingdom is plunged into war on unestablished evidence and supposition. It is interesting to note that today, their have been no volunteers for the front from any of the Political Houses.


Perhaps, they may be allergic to sunburn!


So, it is not surprising that they have to return something for their debacle and being very 'democratic' as defined by Labour - go for the minority - the hunting fraternity, after all, the hunting, shooting and fishing sports, do not require any Government financial assistance, nor do they have hooligans as do the so called working man's sport, i.e. multi-million pound football clubs! The fact that such a ban will have a devastating effect upon the rural sections of the country apparently means nothing to them.


Infact, at present, I know I am in good health. I can out smart the hounds and live to hunt another day, in order the live. But when I become old, sick or injured and unable to hunt successfully, the hounds will catch me and give me an instant and honourable death. This is by far preferable to die of hunger or disease in a hole in the ground or drain. The proposed ban, should it become law, will mean that I will be subject to a variety of inhumane forms of control, such as strangulation by snare, mutilation by trapping, gassing and or poisoning, which depending on the dosage can be slow and extremely painful.


All these latter methods of so called control are distinctly inhumane.


Oh! Freedom of choice, liberty, tolerance, where art thou? Certainly not, with this present Government.


I pity you humans when you are governed by vote seeking and pathetic politicians. So different, from my animal world which is governed by survival of the fittest, tooth and claw.


Commander D. Steen


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