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 British Traditional Field Sports


in the Autumn of 2002 the website was launched on the Internet for the sole purpose of enlightening the general public on the facts of foxhunting, both mounted as well as foot.

Apart from the vile outbursts of the anti-hunting groups, threatening many families with physical violence, the concept took off and consdierable interest emanated from Russian, Italy, America, France and Germany.  Requests such as:  could we prove foxhounds;  and render assistance in the preparation of a student seeking her PhD in Land Mangement focuing on Consercation.

As a result of the interest shown, including that from other rural activities, was no long appropraite and consideration to another name was required.  It was decided to launch ( and .com) in Novemebr 2007, which we considered more apt to the changing political scenario and a need for a resource, world-wide for rural pursuits.

As a result of this decision we now have a hosting wbsite.  The umbrella, encompasses the other ruarl activities, such as hunting, shooitng, fishing and farming, each section having subdivisions to accommodate all.  For example, in the hunting section there are currently listed:  draghunts, hunTs, and falconry, with coursing, beagling, bloodhounds, harriers and mink hounds, yet to come on board.  With regards to shooting, here again positive interest has been exhibited, from simulated shoots through to woodcok shooting.

The interest shown in fishing has been quite dramatic, and in wide spread throughtout the Brithish Isles and Ireland.  It is of particular interest with with regard to this aspect clubs and activities, eg. fishing for the disabled, teaching children how to fish, course fishing clubs, game fishing clubs from trout to shark are listed.

A common denominator to all the above activites is farming, this incorporates suppliers, feeds, livery and animal breedes, pigs and sheep have web pages.  The prinicipal aim is to promote business within these sectors, across the world, and make the general public realise the massive involvement of a wide spectrum of activities forming the rural communityl  The massive economic and social impact of rural life has to be maintained and supported, despite adverse activities including politcal interference.



Picture 1.  Countryside Alliance - Signing of the Hunting Charter in Ireland 2008.

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