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 Standing up for UK Field Sports

Article published in The Scottish Farmer, on the 14th June 2008, in the Section  - Farmer YOUR VIEW.

Standing up for UK field sports.

SIR, - Despite organsed demonstrations to show that massive rural interest in countryside acitivites in theUK, of which Farming is just one aspect, organised by the Countryside Alliance, the governament choose to ignore the feelings and the fears of the rural community.

In point of fact, the publication of had a reaction from the anti-hungint groups in terms of language which defies decency.

Interestingly, it was observed that support from any parts of the globe, such as Italy and Russia for hounds, and surprisingly from a PhD student for guidance in the preparation for a thesis, along with requests from schools to take part in discussions on foxhinting, which were referred on to the Master of Foxhounds Assication. 

It is tragic to say that a government such as we currently endure, is hell bent in systematically destroying the rural minority.  The arugments are:  a, the quarry is torn alive, which we all know is utterly fallacious and b, that we are a 'class' above everyone and in consequence we are outlawed. is a creation to further bind all countryside activites under one umbrella, this means that old adage 'together we stand, seperately we fall' is very relevant.

Make no mistake, this a very serious attempt to counter the appalling ignorance and stupidity of those who should know better, and that rural interests, commercial and otherwise, are not only maintained but also strengthened.

This hosting webiste is deliberately set up to encourage business relationships, particularly to the countryside, and therefore making these activities more resilient in this currently political climate.

Commander D. Steen.

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