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 Recent Political Moves on Hunting, Fishing Shooting and Farming across the World.

We cannot emphasis enough the importance of the Briths way of life. 

In recent years political developments have and contine to have a profound impact on the way we live.

These developments that of restrictions on:

Hunting has resulted in the signing of an International Charter on Hunting with Hounds in August 2008;  

Shooting, where by several shoots in the UK have reverted to simulated shooting 

More recently voicing changes in the way angler's fish, not only from the sea, where restrictions have been in place for many years - initially to reserve the fish population around our costs, and more recently quoters being put in place, resulting in a devastation effect to our fishing communities, around our cost.  NOW from our waterways, will, make no doubt about this, restrict our activies in our traditional field sports.

For Farmers, the recent withdrawal and banning of certain fertilizers by the EU will result in farmers seeing a reduction in thier yeild.

The result of these actions will have a knock-on effect for everyone especially in food production, seeing more higher prices in fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry.

This article tries to bring the population up to speed with current moves.

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