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 Charter of the International Union of Hunting with Hounds


1. WelfareThis Union believes that the interests of animal welfare are paramount to all hunting practices and pledges to act always in accordance with these principles. Wild animals are adapted to hunting and being hunted by evolution and their species survive because of it. 

2. Utility and Wildlife ManagementThis Union pledges to act in the interest of the quarry species and the management of them. Further, it aims to maintain and enhance natural wildlife habitats and to monitor biodiversity in the countryside. 

3. StewardshipThis Union pledges to act with responsibility and believes that hunting is part of the natural selection process and makes a positive contribution to the maintenance of sustainable and healthy populations of species within the living environment. 

4. CultureThis union pledges to champion and safeguard the culture of sustainable hunting as part of the world’s rich heritage. 

5. HoundsThis Union pledges to maintain the specific breeds of hounds which are the basis of our way of hunting.  As they have no other specific function, breeding them in our kennels is a main contribution to biodiversity. 

6. The Right to ChooseThis Union believes the right to choose to hunt under this Charter is the benchmark of a free and tolerant society.  

7. Unity and SolidarityThis Union pledges to promote and defend these principles and actively opposes those who seek to attack the interests of hunting with hounds. It further pledges its support to all forms of sustainable hunting and angling.   


Pictured below at the signing of the Charter were:

(Back row, left to right) Philippe Casier of Belgium, Mason Lampton of USA & Canada, John Gardiner of the UK, Gavin Duffy, Oliver Russell, Mark Wilkinson and Donal Boyle of the Republic of Ireland.

(Front row, left to right) Brian Munn, Republic of Ireland, Dennis Foster of the USA & Canada, Alastair Jackson of the UK, John Savill of New Zealand, John Masterton of Australia and Pierre de Boisguilbert of France.

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