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In the UK it was reported in the Sunday Times on Sunday 20th November 2005 that ANIMAL rights campaigners have set their sights on banning game shooting after their victory over hunting with hounds. The Countryside Alliance responded by forming the Campaign for Shooting. 

So why are the politicans wanting to stop Shooting? 

In England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales the game birds, which include pheasants, grouse, partridges, mallard and quail, generate important income for many farmers and landowners.  It is especially true to the owners and managers of large areas of ground which are unable to support sheep and cattle.  It is estimated that shooting activities to be worth at least £1 billion to the rural economy and which attracts a million participants, from the UK and overseas. 

It is interesting to note that there was no consideration given to the drastic reduction of revenue to the rural community on the banning of hunting in the UK.

Where ever you live in the world Rural life without countryside sports will be difficult to image. The social cohesion of country life will rapidly deteriorate as the traditions of country life will diminish.

In the UK the Government is dictating to the population as to what their rights are, and their freedom and their liberty.  This means the UK population are now no longer able to choose what sport we wish to follow!

Shooting in many countries throughout the world is a massive industry, especially in the USA, where shooting follows the seasons with regimental precession.

This world-wide website aims to generate income for all those participating in shooting. Whether you are an association, club or a commercial interest, we would be delighted for you to come on board.

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