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 Fox Hunting

The aim of this section of the web site is to provide an insight into the workings of a typical Foxhunt including highlights and disasters, which are common place in the hunting field.

It is essential that the facts of hunting are clearly defined and the erroneous propaganda constantly put out by the anti hunting fraternity are dispelled.


The present Government are seeking to destroy this tradition.

Foxhunting is the most effective and humane method of conservation. An element, which has been continuously ignored by the majority of the Labour Government and the animal rights groups.

In the first instance, the fox when caught by the lead hound is killed instantly. Only then, do the hounds eat the fox, which is their just reward...

Secondly, no hunt followers, whether on foot or on horse traverse other people’s property, without first obtaining prior permission from the farmer/land owner.

It has to be emphasised that other means of controlling foxes such as snaring, gassing, poisoning and in many instances shooting, are slow and painful, inhumane methods of killing the fox.

Apart from the fallacious argument that the traditional method of fox control, using hounds, is inhumane, such a ban, if successful, would cause severe economic disruption and social disaster to many rural communities - facts which are currently ignored by the anti-hunting groups and regrettably members of both Parliaments - Westminster and Edinburgh.

These elements which would be seriously effected are hotels, livery establishments, farriers, horsebox manufacturers and maintenance and in some instances veterinary practices.

With regard to hunt staff, it appears that it has been conveniently ignored, that hunt servants and staff would be out of work and rendered homeless.

It does not appear to be fully understood that hunt staff are professionals in a very exacting and arduous profession, which in the majority of cases has taken many years of dedicated service to achieve.

It is simplicity in the extreme to suggest, as has been proffered by members of Parliament that these professionals can be readily re-trained. It is interesting to note that none of these advocates for re-training have offered solutions to the problem both in turns of the economic disaster to the rural communities and staff.

In view of the above it is not surprising how serious these matter of conservation has to be taken.

Thought, understanding and tolerance appear to be factors, conveniently ignored by the anti-hunting fraternity.

Following the above and despite numerous demonstrations to retain hunting in the traditional manner the Labour Government in it's true "democratic" attitude ignored these activities and independant surveys on the matter of hunting with hounds.  Each survey was quite positive in that hunting with hounds was the humane method of culling foxes.

In addition and despite much debate in both Houses, and in particular the Lords, who had strangely enough a more intelligent and realistic attitude on this subject was ignored by the House of Commons.

To appease the fringe groups and the labour members of the House of Commons, the illustrious Prime Minister then, made it quite clear regardless of any argument to the contrary, he would implement the Parliamentary Act of 1949.  It is understood that this Act was one which only should be activated in a case of a National Emergency.  What a surprise to realise that Foxhunting in the United Kingdom is of such magnitude that it threatens the Nation.

Not withstanding the above the English, Welsh and Northern Ireland Hunts "have rallied to the cause" and continue to hunt, admittedly in a modified form  This indicates the strong belief in what is right and it can only be hoped that a change politically to a more balanced government will be achieved in the near future. 

As for Scotland, here again a combination of ignorance, greed and envy has shown itself in that we now have pest control whereby the hounds are put into the covert and the fox is driven towards waiting guns where upon the unfortimate animal is blasted to kingdom come.

This political thinking highlights yet again the total and absolute ignorance on the part of vote seeking politicans and others.  There again, it is hoped that sanity will return to politics in the near future and the traditional humane culling of foxes will return to this land.

Douglas Steen.


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