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As you will see from our current list we have many fishing clubs, charters and associations in many countries

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Fishing Information

It is a well recorded fact that fishing is the largest participant sport in existence throughout the world. The range of types of fishing extends from river salmon fishing to coarse fishing enabling a wide choice for every man, woman and child.

Across the world there are so many interesting places to fish. This hosting website will endeavour to bring together the facets needed to undertake this sport successfully, from being taught, wearing the right clothing, through to landing your record catch - to the photograph of your success!

To give you a taste of what is available we took a quick look at what is going on across the world.

You will see from our client list the varied aspect of fishing, from:

  • angling clubs with tutors;
  • charters (in England, Ireland, and Scotland in the UK along with the USA, Mexico and Australia);
  • and suppliers (in Ireland).

Many organisations are in existance to assist people enjoy fishing, and here are a few examples below:

The British Disabled Angling Association
Their aim is to ensure people with disabilities of all ages could participate in the sport/leisure activity of angling The Association was formed in 1996 and have a registered charity status.

The National Junior Angling Association was founded in 1957, aiming to promote junior and intermediate angling throughout the UK.

In England there is the England Ladies Fly Fishing Association which was formed in 1989 to promote fly fishing ladies.

The England Youth Fly Fishing Association was formed around 1990. Their aim is to provide competitive fly fishing for young people up to International level. Their management committee of volunteers has direct links to the Salmon & Trout Association, associate member of the Anglers Conservation Association and has recently become a member of the Confederation of English Flyfishers.

In Ireland Ireland is the most beautiful place to go fishing. It is the least talked about, with great fishing from pike to trout in the vast waterways. It is difficult to understand why more people don't take a break in Ireland particularly at one of the great fishing houses. As the aim of British Traditional Field Sports' world-wide hosting website is to promote income to the three traditional field sports it is hoped that more people will take a break and go fishing in Ireland.

In Scotland, there is a wide variety of fishing, from Salmon, to the Kingdom of Fife which offers spectacular places for fishing, such as the harbour front in Anstruther, where they also have the Scottish Fisheries Museum which tells the story of fishing in Scotland and its people from earliest times to the present.

In Wales There is a vast amount of fishing, from game, sea or coarse in Wales. There is plenty of choice, whether you choose the beautiful coast, a river or lowland lakes, or the unusual high mountainous lakes - Wales has an unlimited supply.

Ideal countries to take that relaxing break.

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