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The aim of this new world-wide hosting website is to promote income for all those working in the hunting, fishing, shooting and farming settings.

We are endeavouring to support farming and rural sports by developing this website, to inform people of the current situation.

The enormous pressures being continually added to the administration burden that farmers in the UK now physically have to apply.

On the 5th April 2005, UK farming leaders have called on the British Government to stop 'gold plating' EU regulations, as farmers are being asked to:

  • Produce safe food
  • Standards of high animal welfare
  • Delivering the environmental outcome demanded by society

As we are all aware the population of the world continues to increase and the production of food is and will become more idfficult to meet the needs of the populations demands.

"Hunting" is a way of local communities providing food - it also acts as vermin control - reducing the loss of live stock.

"Shooting" has and continues to provide an additional income for many farmers - so why stop it?

"Fishing" - even though it is seen as a major relaxation activity - again it is a food source - where fishermen can take home some part of their catch.

The increase in bureaucracy, dealing with regulations, family problems, health issues, social exclusion and misunderstanding, isolation, and the pressures of having home, livelihood, family business and high levels of stress amongst farmers and farming people.(

Matters are made worse by the traditional land tenure system, where families keep sub-dividing their land into even smaller units to accommodate more members (The National. Editorial. 5th April, 2005).

All these regulations in fact are unnecessary burdens on farmers, which will result in the farming businesses not being able to operate competitively.

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